Spring Snapshot: Strawberries, Flowering Turnips, Winter Rye

The spring garden looks so green and vibrant that I couldn’t resist sharing the snapshot below.

Strawberries and Turnip FlowersI took this picture around 5:30 this evening, as I was puttering about in the garden, watering seeds here, weeding a little there, checking up on the growth of my strawberries. That’s what you see in the foreground here, happily ensconced under their bird netting, which also does a fair job of deterring the deer and rabbits. The first strawberries will be ripe in ten days to two weeks. To the left of the watering cans are the flowering stalks of what’s left of last fall’s turnips. I’ve left some standing to provide fodder for the honeybees, but one by one they’re biting the dust as I uproot them and throw them whole into the chicken coop, where in a matter of minutes the greens are picked down to the woodiest stem and all the palatable portions of the roots have been hollowed out by hungry, quick-working beaks. In the background to the right is a stand of winter rye and hairy vetch, my experimental winter cover crop. I turned most of it in last week, but this patch I’m letting grow, to see what possibilities it might hold for future years.


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