Stuff We Like

Seed Sources:

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is my go-to source for vegetable seeds. They also offer flower and herb seeds, seed potatoes, garlic bulbs, and sweet potato slips. They have a fabulous catalog (which they’ll mail you for free), full of heirloom and organic varieties. Since they’re based here in Virginia, they provide notes about which varieties do best in the mid-Atlantic states, which I find really helpful. They are also very quick about mailing orders. I’m frequently surprised by how quickly my seeds arrive!

I also like to check out the colorful catalogs of Seed Savers Exchange and Seeds of Change. Both of them have their catalogs available for download as PDFs.

Info on Wild Foods:

Samuel Thayer’s website is an amazing resource for people who want to learn how to eat fresh from the wild. (And so are his books.) I particularly enjoyed Thayer’s article about how Jon Krakauer fabricated the cause of Chris McCandless’s death in Into the Wild. McCandless did not die from misidentifying a wild plant. He died of old-fashioned starvation. It’s simply a persistent myth in our culture that eating wild food is dangerous. It’s not–if you’re careful and know what you’re doing.

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