Amish 7-Day Sweet Pickles

With the combination of rain and hot weather we’ve been getting, it’s been a stellar year for cucumbers. So far, we’ve harvested 31 lbs. of cukes from our two hills of Little Leaf H-19 (seeds purchased from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange in 2012), and the vines are still going strong. It’s pickle-making time! I dedicated…

Rhubarb Pie

There’s no fresh fruit to be had this early in the growing season, but fortunately there’s something else in the garden that can satisfy the craving for fruity flavors: rhubarb! The stems of this bushy, tropical-looking perennial have a citrusy tang that, when baked into a sweetened pie, make a dessert that will have everyone asking for more….

Sweet and Fluffy Corn Muffins

As we enter the cooler months of the year, there are a few recipes that are absolutely essential. One is for cornbread, a winter staple in our family. I make a big batch every time I cook chili, and then we eat the leftovers as snacks or with a pot of chicken soup. This recipe,…

Pickling Beets

You might think from the number of posts I’ve written about beets that I must have planted rows and rows of them, but in truth I only planted about five feet! And yet I’m still eating them…for lunch every other day… The problem of excess beet greens does seem to have been solved, however. The…

Ruby Coleslaw

Whew…what a hot Memorial Day weekend! And today we’re already at 91°F at 10 a.m.! With all this heat, we’ve been digging out some of the coolest, most refreshing recipes we can find–and ones that use our garden-fresh ingredients, of course. Here’s one of our winners, for using our first head of Red Acre cabbage….