ChicksSo many people have been wanting eggs from us that we’ve decided to expand our chicken flock, by just a bit. We currently have 15 layers, about half Rhode Island Reds and half Plymouth Barred Rocks. Yesterday morning, we picked up 6 baby Amber Links from our local feed store. This is a breed that was previously unknown to me, but apparently they’re making a comeback, their heyday having been in the 1970’s. Actually, they’re not an official breed but a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a white Plymouth Rock. The “link” in their name comes from the fact that their coloring is sex-linked: males and females are different colors, meaning they can be told apart as soon as they hatch.
Amberlink adult
Mature Amber Link

Our chicks were already six days old when we bought them. They have beautiful wing weathers that, with their creamy color, look like angel wings! For now, we’re keeping them indoors in a plastic “chick carrier” we got from my father-in-law. It’s heated by a light bulb. We started with a 75-watt bulb, but the chicks were staying away from it, so we figured they were a bit too warm. The 40-watt bulb seems to work well for them now. With each day that passes, they will need less heat. Newly hatched chicks start off needing 90°F temperatures, but by 21 days, they can deal with 34°F if they’re accustomed to the colder temperature gradually.

Enjoy some more pics of our six-day-old darlings! (That paper towel roll is to prevent them from lying down on top of the feed–it’s apparently a very comfortable spot.)

Chicks 1Chicks 2Chicks 3Chicks 4


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  1. M. R. says:

    No idea why I clickod on ‘Like’. I don’t. I am so consumed by jealous rage at the thought of all the Other People who can buy your eggs that I can scarcely SPEAK. [whinge moan …]

  2. Good luck with those little chaps.

  3. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    Awwwww…they are adorable!

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