Strawberry Tortellini Salad

Strawberry SaladI’ve been crazy busy this spring, what with buying a new house and getting married! But not so busy that I haven’t been able to pick fresh strawberries almost every day. Our ever-bearing variety, Tristar, started bearing May 12 and has been going strong ever since.

Homegrown strawberries are so delicious that you don’t really have to do anything to dress them up. My favorite way to eat them is straight from the garden, while they’re still warm from the sun. But I also love them on salads. They’re great sliced over a bed of fresh leaf lettuce with some honey mustard dressing. (Mix Dijon mustard with honey and add just a little olive oil to thin it out and make it not too sweet.) I particularly enjoyed the rendition pictured here, with cheese tortellini.


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  1. marvegal says:

    Awesome! I have gotten about two strawberries.. and with the chill in the air today, I think it may be a few weeks before we get more… Salad looks good!

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