May’s Bounteous Promise

May is the season when the garden is at its greenest, every plant lush with the possibilities of the coming months. When later everything’s yellowing in the late August drought, or better yet, blanketed under snow next January (fingers crossed!), I’m going to look back at these pictures with longing…

And between now and then, we’re going to have to eat all this…


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  1. All that early spring digging paid off!!

  2. wow! your garden is amazing! when did you get started?? and please tell me you live somewhere warm (this will make me feel better about my teeny tiny plants!)

    1. Sharon says:

      I live someplace VERY warm: the plains of eastern Virginia. Today it’s been in the upper 80’s… Fast-growing plants are the one perk of having these sweaty temperatures…

  3. It all looks gorgeous! I must say I’m most envious of the cabbage though. Yummy!

    1. Sharon says:

      It’s not as big as it looks in the picture…only about 4 inches in diameter right now. But yes, I’m very much looking forward to some yummy slaw made with that one! (P.S. I planted some of the Pearly Pink tomato seeds you sent, and I’ve got a seedling in the garden now about six inches high. 🙂

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