The Earth’s Gift to Itself

For Earth Day, it looks like nature decided to give herself a present–around here, anyway. The ground in our part of Virginia hasn’t seen substantial precipitation since March 5. When it was snow. But today, when May flowers are already in bloom, April showers have finally arrived.

It’s a luxurious feeling to go out and wander among your plants in the morning and, instead of having to lug watering cans or turn on a sprinkler, be able to simply admire the work Mother Nature’s doing for you. There’s nothing quite as beautiful as green plants surrounded by soft, damp earth.

Back left: broccoli and a leek rescued from the compost pile, now going strong! Front left: lettuce and radishes sown March 14. We're eating these radishes now. The lettuce needs a couple more weeks. Front right: potatoes planted March 23. Far right: Zarnitsa tomatoes.

Happy Earth Day!


6 thoughts on “The Earth’s Gift to Itself

  1. We’ve also been short of rain lately. I completely agree about the sound of rain against the windows. It’s such a relief for the rains to finally come! Your garden looks so healthy. šŸ™‚

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